Style musical : BREAKBEAT
Originaire de : Paris
Sites web : http://

Music Makes Me Dance part.2

Hi!-Population is a French producer and DJ for over 10 years. He's got a sharp taste for anything in groove and breaks, with strong kick and bass.
He's the founder of "Frenchbreaks.org", the main breakbeat hub in France.

Since the release of his widely acclaimed official remix of "Yo! Majesty - Club Action" on Labrok Records in 2007, he has been producing several tracks from nubreaks to funkybreaks.
His latest breaks remix for Basement Freaks's "That's Right" was released in July 2009 on "Goodgroove Records", one of the major funkybreaks label.

After lots of gigs, radioshows and djing, he's back in the studio and now focusing on producing fresh and definitely baddest sounds as defined as fidget or filthy house (with a breakbeat taste!).

It all started (again) with a remix for Black Peter's Band's "It's Fucked Up" signed on Friendly's imprint "Gulp Communication" in April 2009.
After having produced a dozen of tracks this year, he was signed on several labels. His next releases will be out in a few weeks on Chicago-based Sick Recordings, UK's Erase records and Filthy Bitch and Canada’s Often Gruven records.