Style musical : Live Electronics / Techno
Originaire de : Carnac, Fr
Sites web : http://

Music Makes Me Dance part.4

Samuel DEMARET alias Noisebuilder, Samite, Dancemaker and many other, starts his career at the beginning of the nineties as a DJ in the subversive after parties of Paris. He becomes one of the first actors of the French Rave Party stage, playing his first Lives in famous parties like ESCAPE, DIABOLIK… In 1996, he's introduced in the free party circle where he meets the HERETIK System (one of the most outstanding French Sound system). History begins. Events and productions succeed one another. He works with many artists and creates with Popof the label "Pôles MX" that has released lots of productions. In 2003, he moves in a quieter place and he is for 5 years a DJ-resident in Bretagne. In 2008, he creates the label JUNKY ROBOT, releasing unnoticed tracks… but he keeps up composing… 2010 is the time for a come-back with many new songs created for actual dancefloors !